• Admission open for Professional Pilot Training. Limited Seats Available. Please call - 98658 34300 for details.
  • SALEM AIR propose to start the first aerospace engeneering centre in South India.
  • ¬†Negotiations going on with Rockwell Collins regarding setting up of SERVICE BASE IN INDIA.
  • Two Indian registered brand new cessna 172R with G1000 ( Glass cockpit) is available for sale.
  • ¬†Zenith air craft with engine running with complete cockpit available for sale Suitable for Ame training.
  • Robinson 22 helicopter availabe for AME training.
  • Cessna 172 ( Flying condition with valid C of A) availabe for sale in India.
  • One King Air C90A ( Indian registred with valid C of A) available for sale.
  • 4 Zenith aircraft on sale. Suitable for flying training.
  • Attention Air craft Maintenance Engineering school- EIR Items available.
  • Baron 58 (Pressurised) available for sale.
  • Baron 58 ( Twin engine) non pressurised avialbe for sale.
  • For Details Please call us or E-mail: mail@salemair.com.
Aircraft Charter
Welcome to Salem Air

Have you ever wished you had more than 24 hours in a day? If yes, then get on board, you will get it here.

We sell, TIME.

Despite the boom in air travel in India, there are hundreds of cities and towns which are not air-connected yet. But business needs you to travel to these places and the only option is to take the road and kill your time. Even when travelling to cities where airlines fly to, you have to plan your schedule around flight timings.

Now change all that. Put Salem Air into your daily planner.

Salem Air is air travel for people who are not ready to give up control over their lives. Every flight is non-stop. Everyone is polite. You go straight from your home or office to the plane.

We invite you to make Salem Air, your own private airline.

400 destinations  

We get you there. Wherever "there" is. Commercial flights can take you to a few dozen airports in India. Salem Air can fly you directly to over 400 airports in India. This means you land closer to your destination and that makes Salem Air the shortest distance between any two points in India.

  • We don't to almost all airports, airstrips of India

  • We fly to big airports and little airports. Salem Air even has a special team that evaluates new airports that we haven't flown into to see if they meet our strict requirements.
  • If you have a special passion, like golf or paragliding or trekking chances are there is a small airport that is very close to your destination. So you have more time for what's really important.
  • Many popular destinations like Ludhiana, Bhopal etc have notoriously poor airline connections, which means you soak up a lot of valuable time and energy getting there. We take care of that problem because we fly everywhere non-stop.
  • What if you get news in mid-flight and need to change your destination? That's what it means to have your own private airline. All Salem Air flights carry extra fuel to give you more options in cases like this, and a greater margin of safety.

Your Schedule

Leave on time. Your time.

Airline timetables are designed for the convenience of the airlines. Going by road means often sacrificing a day in travel. We help you get to more meetings in more cities and still be home for dinner. Why should your life be any more complicated than it already is?

  • Salem Air's team of aviation professionals ensure that there will be a plane for you, exactly when and where you need it.
  • Don't particularly enjoy camping out in airports? When you fly Salem Air, you should be in the air ten minutes after you arrive at the airport. Salem Air flights means no crowds and faster, friendlier security.
  • We have a few dozen pairs of hands and eyes and some fine brains looking after every aspect of your flight, from planning and ground services to scheduling and despatch--all working to make your trip happen on time.
  • Salem Air believes in going beyond the industry standards when it comes to serving the customer. Like for instance: midflight on your way to Raebareilly you learn that your family needs to be in Cochin by the evening, you can let the planning to us. We can even book airline tickets for your family.
  • Salem Air is the cheapest and safest air travel option available in India. We are low-cost, but high on air safety standards. We know pilot training and aircraft maintenance as our parent company is the leader in these two sectors and has been doing it for years.

Safety First
We spend more on safety than many airlines.

Safety is an obsession at Salem Air. From pilot qualifications and training to maintenance to operations, we never rest. And we refuse to compromise. No matter what it takes, your safety comes first.

  • Every Salem Air aircraft is equipped with modern avionics.
  • The average Salem Air pilot has flown one and a half million miles. Most of them are ex-military pilots or flying training instructors or have flown big jets for major airlines. Our minimum standards for a pilot: 3,000 hours of experience--twice the minimum European requirement. Even with all this experience, we only allow our pilots to fly one aircraft type so that, in an emergency, their responses are intuitive and assured.
  • Each one of our pilots trains for over 60 hours a year, including 24 to 32 hours in flight simulators where a wide variety of extreme conditions are presented. Airline pilots normally spend 16 hours a year in the simulator.
Flyer friendly
Flying is once again a civilised experience.

Salem Air offers fast relief for the aches and pains associated with commercial air travel. Every flight is non-stop. Everyone is polite. You go straight from your home or office to the plane. The cabin is all yours. Take a deep breath--you are, once again, in control of your life.

  • Flying with Salem Air is a completely different experience. You will find the absence of obstacles and annoyances positively exhilarating.
  • No cancelled flights or bad connections. No crowded airports or overworked, testy security people. Boarding and disembarking are trouble-free. No luggage to carry or lose, no long walks to the boarding gate.
  • With Salem Air your luggage takes the same route that you do. You are right there when it is loaded onto the plane. You are there to receive it when you land. Plus there are no connections. All of which makes the chances of losing your luggage very close to zero.
  • One phone call is all it takes to initiate a flight. You are in the hands of a flight services team that speaks your language and knows who you are and how you like things to be done.
Add more cities into a day.

Avoid the traffic and the crowds. Fly in and out of airports that are close to your meetings. Work with your team on the flight. Be home in time to kiss the kids goodnight. Businessmen and women are people, too.

  • Our business customers view Salem Air as an absolute necessity. They also see it as a real value of money. Once you free yourself from the constraints of commercial flying, you will never go back. Because where and when you fly is up to you, not the airlines.
  • Salem Air lets you avoid the trips that are a nightmare even before you get to the airport. Try flying from Mumbai to Chandigarh. Or Goa to Srinagar. Or hundreds of other theoretical connections designed to inflict pain on the business traveller. Leave all that behind.
  • From the absence of prying eyes to the encrypted communications via satellite phone, there is an absolute sense of calm on your aircraft. Which means more time to think and plenty of room to spread out and do your work.
  • Your meeting is over early? You can squeeze in another city or head home early. It's your decision. Just let us know.
  • Need more than one plane for a special business occasion? Not a problem, we can do it.
Flying privately has its rewards.

An aircraft all to yourself--and the people who are important to you. Toys and games for the kids. Satellite phone for you. Food you're in the mood for. Pilots you can talk to. Just like an airline, only nicer.

  • With anxiety running high in commercial aviation, you can be absolutely certain that only people you know and trust are travelling with you on your flight. For parents of children travelling alone--or for children of elderly parents--absolute peace of mind.
  • Onboard every flight: your favourite drinks and hors d'oeuvres, magazines and newspapers etc.
  • We have only one class of service. The more we understand about your flying needs--whether it's a four-legged family member or your favourite chocolate--the better we can take care of you.
  • At Salem Air, you do not give up your personal sovereignty when you fly. Your billing is private. Your information is private. The reservation process is discreet. The aircraft are unmarked.
Aircraft choice
Choose your aircraft.

Salem Air has four aircraft types. We have models that seat up to one, two or six people and are perfect for most flights within India.

  • Our portfolio of aircraft is among the best maintained in India.
  • We help you select the aircraft that makes the most sense based on your flying profile and budget. Should you require a smaller or larger aircraft on particular occasions, that is easily arranged.
Queries Welcome
Let's sit down and talk.

Not only is flying Salem Air a unique experience, but so is sitting down and talking to us to learn how we can meet your needs. If you are excited about the idea of having your own private airline, a conversation with your regional sales team would be a good place to start.

Please call:
+91 98658 34300 or 93600 34300

One sky careers

Why is this the best flying job ever?

When you are a Salem Air pilot, no two days are the same. You fly some of India's most interesting people. You fly to hundreds of airports.


Salem Air is India's leading flying training institute.

Besides producing fine pilots, it also has runs an aircraft maintenance and repair organisation and trains cadets to become aeronautical engineers. It has a team of highly experienced pilots, both from the civil and Indian Air Force. We have people with over 30 years of experience in the aviation industry and so our service speaks for itself.